Removing Lead Paint

Extreme care must be taken when removing lead paint on older windows. Lead paint, which may be found in homes constructed prior to 1978, can lead to serious health problems. This is particularly true for children under the age of 6 who are exposed to lead. The source of the danger comes from flaking or chalking lead paint. The risk of exposure is amplified when sanding old windows during a remodeling project. Read more

Wood Window Restoration

To maintain the authenticity of your historic home you may have decided to repair your genuine windows in lieu of installing new replacement windows. If this is the case, you will want to read our wood window restoration tips below. While it is very common to find 200-year-old windows in historic homes, regular maintenance is required to achieve this level of longevity. This may include routine painting and minor repairs every 20 years or so. If you have neglected your windows for the past 50 years you may be facing more significant repairs. Don’t despair, roll up your sleeves and read on before you tackle your wood window restoration project. Read more

Glass Door

Thinking about upgrading your windows and doors and wondering about the exterior color options? Your front door and window trim color can say a lot about your personality, but more importantly the colors need to match the style of your home. We have compiled a few images of brick homes and their entryways to help you with the front door and window trim color selection process:

Red Front Door

Red is a very bold color and is not for everyone. A brilliant red front door tells the world that you have a zest for life and that guests are welcome to come in to be entertained. Red can look outstanding in the right circumstances such as this grey brick home. Read more

Window Maintenance

Just like the rest of your home which requires regular upkeep, you can’t overlook your windows when it comes to maintenance. They provide light, insulation, and circulation to make your home as bright and comfortable as possible. To make sure those windows stay in tip top shape, follow these window maintenance tips and they’ll be sure to last through the seasons.

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Painting Window Trim

Looking for a way to freshen up dingy windows or accent those newly installed frames? Try stroking on a coat of paint and changing your window trim color to instantly give your windows a makeover. Surrounded by an attractive frame, your windows will instantly feel bigger and brighter, becoming the focal point of the room.

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Woman Installing Curtains

Spring is the season for renewal and creating a fresh start. So why not update your windows with refreshing treatments that will brighten and renew your home? Whether you want to accent newly installed windows, or update existing décor, there are a variety of window decorating ideas to help spring your home into this new season.

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Window Wood Rot

Weather Shield Repair 1x229x162-largeSpring is a great time to repaint the tired, old, wooden window frames on your double hung windows. But before you start painting; you need to properly prepare the windows to accept a coat of fresh paint that will last for years. Follow these window frame painting tips for a successful project.

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