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Thinking about upgrading your home windows to Energy Star® Windows? Take the Home Energy Assessment Survey so you can see the before and after results and determine the overall efficiency of your home. Follow this link to the Energy Star® Home Energy Yardstick online analysis calculator. Take the home energy assessment survey now and once again after your new windows have been installed. This is a great tool to help you calculate and understand the savings you have realized by installing your new energy efficient windows. Compare the before and after reports to see your actual savings and how you stack up as compared to other homes in your area.

What You Need to Get Started with Your Home Energy Assessment

You will need to gather some information before you get started on your home energy assessment:

  • Your ZIP Code: This is used to show a comparison of other homes in your area, as well as determining the climate for your region.
  • Size of the Home: The total square footage of the home is needed to calculate what your heating and A/C utility bills should be.
  • Number of Occupants: The number of full-time occupants living in the home affects utility costs with regard to hot-water consumption and cooking costs.
  • Fuel Used: You will be asked what type of fuel is used in various elements of your home such as natural gas, furnace oil, and electricity.
  • Utility Bills: You will need to provide a 12 month history of your utility bills. If you don’t have paper copies of your utility bills you may be able to download a Green Button file from your utility provider. This will be a complete history of your cost and consumption.

Be sure to take the survey again, one year after you have installed your new Energy Star® Windows.

What’s in the Home Energy Assessment Survey

The Energy Star® Home Energy Yardstick survey will generate a report that compares your home energy costs to similar homes in your geographic area. You will learn how your energy is consumed and if the driving factors are heating and cooling or outdated appliances such as your hot water heater.

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