With trick or treating just around the corner; it’s time to think about your Halloween Window Decorations. You can take the easy way out and make a quick trip to Walmart for some instant window stickers. Or you can turn it into an annual family event and make your own Halloween Window Decorations.

Cobwebs over the front window

Pumpkins on the Front Porch

If you want to maintain some elegance to your home while still participating in the Halloween season try these simple ideas. String some cobwebs across the front windows of your home. Place a bale of hay on the front porch in front of a window and pile some pumpkins or gourds on top.

Pumpkins on the Window Sash
Skeleton on the Front Porch

If creepy is more your style and you want to freak out the neighborhood kids; decorate some old dolls or toy clowns and place them on the window sill. If you have frosted basement windows, tape some human hand cutouts on the inside so it looks like people are trying to escape.

Candle and Hand in the Window
Dolls on the Window Sill

Nothing says Halloween Window Decorations better than simple black silhouettes. Pick up a stack of black construction paper from your local department store and let the kids have at it. Let them go to town with some kid-safe scissors. Here are a few easy-to-make black silhouettes. This can be fun for the entire family and kids of every age. There is no need for perfection, simply grab a sheet and cut freehand. The more unique your Halloween window decorations the better.

Silhouette Landscape
Silhouette Bat
Silhouette Murderer
Silhouette Cobweb