Bay Window Bench

How to Build a Bay Window Seat With Storage Step 4: Finish and Paint

Prior to painting your Bay Window Seat with Storage project, be sure to caulk all gaps between the wood structure and original walls. Apply caulking along the back wall and the ends of the new vertical face of the storage area. Allow the caulking to cure thoroughly before applying paint.

Fill and cover any nail heads or exposed wood screws. Use a putty knife and high-quality wood putty to fill these voids. Be sure the putty is completely cured before you begin painting.

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Bay Window Bench

How to Build a Bay Window Seat With Storage Step 3: Plywood Cover

Cover the face of the structure with plywood, Wainscot, or drywall. If you plan to paint the face of your Bay Windwow Seat with Storage the same color as the trim in the room, use plywood or Wainscot and fasten the wood to the structure with 2” wood screws. If you want to paint the face of the seating area the same color of the room walls, cover the front of the structure with drywall and attach the drywall to the 2×4 supports using standard drywall screws.

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Bay Window Bench

How to Build a Bay Window Seat with Storage Step 2: Building the Support Frame

Measure the width of the outer-wall to determine the length of the rear 2×4 support. Assuming the short walls are at a 45 degree angle, miter both ends of the 2×4, item 1, at a 22-1/2 degree angle. Use a stud finder to locate the existing wall studs. Anchor a 2×4 across the full width of the outermost wall using the 3-1/2” wood screws. Place a level on top of the 2×4 at the time of installation to ensure your bench will be level upon completion. If your desired finish height is 18 inches, then the top of the 2×4 should be 17-1/4” inches above the floor to allow for the ¾” plywood deck.

Bay Window Seat Frame

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Bay Window Bench

A great way to spruce up a Bay Window is to build a sitting area complete with storage. The area beneath the seat can be a great place to store additional bedding, books, or seasonal clothing. This project is fairly simple for the average Do-It-Yourselfer. The entire makeover can be inexpensive as well with a cost of just $100 for materials.

Follow these simple instructions on How to Build a Bay Window Seat with Storage.

Step 1: Planning Your Project

Before you start cutting wood for your project you need to measure the angle of the protruding walls. While the standard angle is 135 degrees for a 45 degree wall, your Bay Window may vary slightly based on the design of your home. Read more

Window Decorating

As you start to decorate your home for the holiday season be sure to spruce up your windows as well. Trimming the tree and adding garland throughout the home can bring some Christmas Cheer but you can take it one step further and trim your windows for the Holiday’s. Here are some easy and inexpensive Holiday Window Decorating Ideas:

Before You Do Anything!!!

Never ever drill, screw or nail anything into a vinyl window frame. Never ever, ever use a hair dryer to melt ice on your window glass unless you want to pay me to replace your window glass. When screwing, drilling or nailing into a wooden window frame be sure you are no less that 2 full inches away from the glass. Remember that the glass goes into the frame almost an inch so there is glass where you cannot see it. When glass is cold it is more fragile than when it’s warm so don’t hit or push on the glass. Take care not to push too hard when applying suction cup hooks. When removing old tape residue, use window cleaner and a razor blade. Never scrape glass with a razor without applying cleaner first. Dry glass will scratch. Use common sense when decorating your windows.

Paper Snowflake Cutouts

One of our favorite Holiday Window Decorating Ideas is making Paper Snowflake Cutouts with our kids. Children of all ages will get into the Christmas spirit as they display their creativity. Gather white paper, Christmas Wrapping Paper, or Coffee Filters to create your winter snowflakes. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

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window glazing tips

Window Glazing Tips | Secure the Glass Window Pane

Carefully place the new glass into to the window frame. Gently tap triangle glazing points to secure the glass. You can push the glazing points into the wood with your putty knife and then carefully tap them with a small hammer until they are below the height of the inner wood frame. Install 2 on top, 2 on bottom, and 1 on each side of the replacement window pane.

Window Glazing Tips | Apply the Glazing

Purchase high-quality glazing from your local hardware store. Use fresh glazing every time. Older, previously opened tubs of glazing may not stick very well and may not be malleable enough to shape properly.

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Measuring and Cutting Window Glass

Now that you have removed the broken glass and removed the old window glazing, it’s time to measure the frame to determine the size of the new window glass. To provide clear access to the frame, remove the storm window and screen. In some cases the storm window can be removed from inside the home. In any case carefully handle the storm window to avoid breaking any additional window panes.

Measuring and Cutting Window Glass

Once you have removed 100% of the window glazing, place the bare window frame in its closed position before measuring and cutting window glass. For more accurate measurements, it is best to work from outside the home so you can have a clear line of site.

Measure Twice Cut Once

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Video Icon

Now that you have cleaned up the broken glass the next step is to remove the old window Glazing.

Video Step 2 | How to Remove the Old Window Glazing

Safety Gear:

Before you start to remove the old window glazing you should find your safety glasses. If you are like the average do-it-yourself Handyman, your safety glasses are probably buried in the back of the tool box. It’s time to fish them out for this project to protect your eyes from flying debris as you chip out and remove the Old Window Glazing.

Tools Required:

For this step of your project you will need the following tools:

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broken window pane replacement

Watch the following video to learn the step by step procedure for broken window pane replacement. Be sure to watch the entire video series including Video Step 2: Removing the Old Window Glazing, Video Step 3: Measuring and Cutting the Window Glass, and Video Step 4: Window Glazing.

Broken Window Pane Replacement Video

Safety First

Before you start to remove the broken glass from the frame, you need to take a few safety precautions:

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foggy window repair

Home windows in Illinois are subject to extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the day. This is particularly true in late fall and early spring when daytime temperatures can be much higher than the nighttime low. This can lead to a structural failure in the window pane itself, causing foggy windows, and ultimately, a foggy window pane repair.

The cause of the foggy window pane is the failure of the air-tight window seal between the double panes or triple panes of the glass window itself. While most window pane seals last for many years, the constant expansion and contraction of the window can lead to seal failure over time.

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