Autumn Window

The cool fall weather is sneaking up on us. The good news is you may have mowed the lawn for the final time this year. Put this extra time to good use by performing these simple fall home maintenance chores:

Fall Lawn Care Tips:

You may have parked your lawnmower for the winter but your lawn still needs some attention. Fall is great time to fertilizer your lawn. Use a winterizing fertilizer that is high in nitrogen to promote root growth. This will make your lawn stronger when spring finally rolls around. Read more

Cobwebs over the front window
thermal pane windows

If moisture starts to appear between your thermal pane windows it is generally time to replace the insulated glass unit. More than likely the issue with the foggy windows is a broken seal. Since the basic construction of thermal pane windows is two individual panes with an air gap in between the glass, it is virtually impossible to clean the glass. Hence the need to replace the glass with new insulated glass.  This can save thousands of dollars over full unit replacement. Read more

New Bathroom Windows

One of the more common home remodeling projects is a complete bathroom makeover. If you own an older home and are upgrading your bathroom, be sure to include new bathroom windows in your plans. Older windows that are worn out can adversely affect the look of your bathroom and may even comprise the safety and security of your home. Read more

Installing New Windows will add Curb Appeal

When you think about curb appeal, the first thing that comes to mind is a well-manicured lawn, planting colorful flowers in the garden, and pressure washing the sidewalks and driveway. What about your windows and doors? Installing new windows will add curb appeal and increase the value of your home. When the time comes to sell your home, the cost of the new windows will easily be recouped by boosting your property value, and separating you from the competition. Read more

window caulking tips

The kids are back in school, meaning fall is just around the corner, it’s time to prepare your home for winter before the cold weather sets in. You may be planning on freshening up your exterior paint, or you simply want to seal up the gaps around your windows before winter. In either case; follow these window caulking tips for a professional job that will last. Read more


There are many different types of sunroom designs from a simple screened in porch with an old wooden swing, to a complete conservatory, an addition to your home that is encased with full glass walls and a glass ceiling, or something in between. In many cases your sunroom may have a solid, conventional roof with skylights to let the sunshine in. In any configuration, you will need plenty of windows to let the natural light shine through. The question is how to choose sunroom windows which best suits your needs?

You also need to think about the style of the structure itself. Will the sunroom be a simple lean-to, or will you have gabled roof, cathedral ceilings, a traditional sunroom, or a full-blown solarium. All of these will factor into the cost, functionality, and overall appearance of your new space. Read more

Energy Efficiency

The largest costs in your budget are more than likely your mortgage, property taxes, and insurance, and for the most part these expenses will be fixed charges and will be consistent each month. One portion of your budget that you can effect with a little effort is your home energy costs. When considering the home energy saving tips below on an individual basis, they may offer very little savings. However; when combined the accumulated savings may result in a huge reduction in your expenses on an annual basis.

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Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Are your about to remodel your home? Have you considered installing sliding glass patio doors? You may have been concerned that the project is too much of an undertaking. This isn’t necessarily true. There are many standard packages on the market today that can make the installation very easy. It may not be as difficult or as expensive as you think. You can take on this DIY project yourself of hire a local contractor to perform the installation.

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Energy Efficient Home

A question that often arises is whether or not Low-E Windows are energy efficient and will they reduce my energy bill? The term Low-E refers to materials that have low thermal emissivity, meaning that the material reflects a high percentage of radiant thermal energy and allow just a small percentage of thermal energy to pass through. So in the case of a Low-E window, the answer is simple: Yes Low-E windows are energy efficient and yes, Low-E windows will reduce your energy bill each month.

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