Rockwell Casement Sash Before...

Boot Glaze Leaks Water

Seal Failed Glass Unit

Rotting Rails & Stiles

Broken, Faded Hardware

Replacement Casement Sash for Rockwell Windows

New Custom Replacement Casement Sash...

New Cardinal Insulated Glass

All New Poplar Wood Sash

All New Aluminium Clad

Nesting Handle & Cover

WRG Shop Photo

Custom Cut Poplar Wood

Every Sash is Hand Made

Full Length Clear Poplar

Hand Selected Wood

No Outsourcing!

WRG Shop

White, Tan, Vanilla or Bronze Aluminium Clad Exterior!

Or, Custom Painted to Match Your Trim

Includes New Weather Strip Around Sash

Professionally Stained or Painted Interior

Protective Film on Glass

Rockwell Clad Samples





ROW Casement Rotting Wood

Damaged Cladding

Rotting Wood

Rusted Hardware

Unsure of stain color

ROW Casement Sash Replacement

New Cardinal Insulated Glass

New Solid Poplar Wood Sash

All New Aluminum Clad

Pre-Stained to Match!

Casement Sash Replacement

Don’t waste time or money patching up your rotting windows.  Let us do it properly and with a great warranty!  Custom built ROW & Rockwell sashes Professionally installed by us!  We sub out nothing!

Row Window Sash Rot Inspection

Glass Replacement

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need replacement windows because your glass is foggy.  We offer Insulated Glass Replacement for a fraction of the cost to replace your entire window.

Factory Parts & Service

We have many parts and components in stock ready to service your windows.  From balances to lock assemblies to window regulators.  Make the most of your existing windows by replacing important parts.

Window Repair Glass Replacement

Rotting wood and Seal Failure are quite common these days. Window Repair specializes in replacement casement sashes for ROW Windows and Rockwell Windows.  We custom build each sash by hand one at a time using only the best insulated glass, high quality Solid Poplar Wood, Roll Formed Aluminium Clad and the best RTV sealants on the market to ensure long lasting performance of your insulated glass.  Our clad colors will match your ROW or Rockwell windows to factory OEM specs.  We’ll upgrade your glass to include the best LoE coating money can buy.  Window Repair uses LoE366 standard in all of our sashes at no extra charge to you.   Cardinal IG has been building the most reliable insulated glass for decades.  It’s what they do, it’s all they do and they do it damn well.  They have the lowest seal failure rate in the country for insulated glass.  Cardinal’s insulated glass units last well beyond the 20-Year warranty almost double that.  When seal failure develops, air and moisture enter between the panes of glass and etches the interior surface, eventually for good. Whether you have cracked glass or not, the best way to repair the window is to replace the window glass. It takes a controlled environment, proper adhesives and time to produce a quality insulated glass unit. Don’t be fooled by same day glass products or chemical cleaners, they just don’t stand the test of time. After removing the old foggy or broken window glass, we install a new factory sealed glass unit into your window sash and the job is complete. You get a brand new insulated glass unit which will provide better performance, reliability and clear visibility for decades.

Window Wellness™

Window Wellness™
All components are aligned and adjusted for optimum performance. Your windows will show a significant increase in the ease of operation. If the window does not perform better after the service, there is no charge for that particular window. Any parts needed such as hinge arms or window regulators are an additional charge. We provide a One-Year labor warranty with this service. You’ll love your windows all over again®.

One Source Renovation, LLC is your local window repair and glass replacement company specializing in residential & commercial glass replacement and hard to find replacement parts.  OSR is an Authorized Dealer of Cardinal IG® and is a member in good standing of the National Glass Association.  Window Repair or Glass Replacement is a great option when your window frames are in good shape, needing only replacement parts and or new window glass while saving thousands of dollars over new windows.  Whether your windows are vinyl, wood, aluminum or composite, it’s always a good idea to upgrade your current windows and door with glass that include energy efficient LoĒ³ Coatings.  The benefits of energy efficient glass cannot be overstated.

One Source Renovation LLC can provide exact match OEM replacement sashes for your ROW Windows as well as replacement sashes for Rockwell Windows a.k.a. Barber & Ross Windows.   Check out our Service Areas and Contact Us today.

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